The routedoctor and his companion visited Paris in March 2012 , staying at Les Jardins d'Eiffel booked via Expedia. 8 rue Amelie 75007 Paris

. Tel 330147054621

View from third floor room Hotel Les Jardins d' Eiffel

Situated between les Invalides and with views of the Eiffel Tour from some of the rooms, the location is ideal. Rue St Dominique , approximately 20m from the hotel has a Carrefour, lots of interesting shops and some useful bars. Go for a wander along Rue Cler - a typical Parisian Street with plentiful food shops and patisseries. Close to the Ecole Militaire and walking distance from the hotel.

Bar du Central was a trendy/smart place for Sunday brunch. No tourists in this small oasis of Paris. The burgers were good as was the assiette de salami.


Les Bistronommes 34 rue de Richlieu. Louvre metro .

By far the best value for money in the week and the best dining experience for many years. Dinner for 2 with wine 146 euros. 5 euros for a litre of Evian , St Veran 42 euros per bottle, mains 26-32 euros - superb sea bass and St Jacques served sealed in a plastic sack. Banana millefeuille 8 euros. Excellent but somewhat over-priced Calvados hors d'age at 15 euros per glass

The service is highly personalised and you are made to feel very welcome. We will return. Paris cuisine at its best.

Book ahead - only 35 seats.


79 Rue St Dominique - be aware - not at 79 but adjacent to Irish pub - walking distance from hotel. This venue features in many Paris dining websites.The attraction should be the chef who previously worked at the Crillon 119 euros for 2 - Evian 5 euros for a 500ml bottle, 34 euro half bottle Sancerre. The tarte aux fruits for two - an unusual presentation on a square plate with perfect pastry and cream. Recommended.

This is a seriously expensive and v fashionable haunt complete with doormen. At first we thought we were passing a nightclub. Would I return - no - would favour Bistronommes or others less glitzy.

Summer 2012 - set menu no wine 120 euros per head


La Coupole - nearest metro Vavin in Montparnasse.

The jury is out on this place . Packed with tourists early on (around 500 covers), as they left, the French , some of whom were clearly locals arrived. The initial service was slow but picked up after the starter. I am always concerned when a restaurant is this big - I would describe the food as average-good. A bustling atmosphere , sitting v close to neighbouring diners.

Le Petit Nicois 10 rue Amelie

Adjacent to the hotel mentioned above, the reviews on tripadviser were not my experience. We had a v good quick 3 course set lunch for 22 euros with drinkable house red. The staff were charming... but I spoke French to them not English.....this is a universal finding in Paris - try in French and keep trying. If you dont, then expect a frosty response !

Aux Canons des Invalides

Returning from Les Invalides towards the hotel, this typical French bar devoid of tourists is the place to stop for a drink. Sit at the bar , order a 'demi of seize' and a kir - dont try talking in English and you will be most welcome. Plenty of interesting restaurants in the vicinity. Closed Sunday night.

La Gare

A fashionable and atmospheric old metro station with a bar upstairs - its worth arrivimg early for a drink - take the pale green metro line to La Muette not the overground railway to Boulainvilliers which is less frequent and although the metro map shows these two stations as linked; they are not.

Dinner for 2 with a half bottle of slightly too cold Cote de Rhone 104 euros. Fun but food not in the class of Les Bistronommes. Ask for a medium steak and it will be medium by UK standards. One of the few places that seem to open on Sunday night.

Walking towards the river through the Marais , we stopped for lunch at Le Square 165, Rue de Temple. The portions are enormous but the quality mediocre - I would bypass and continue into the northern Marais where the prcices remain sensible until nearer the Rue de Rivoli.


A local recommended Pierre Herme as the supplier of the best macaroons in Paris- look at www.pierreherme.com (external link) for details of the various shops throughout Paris. They should be eaten fresh, expensive but perfect.

Military Books

The routedoctor has a strange fascination with the French Army and stumbled across a specialist book shop Le Libraire Hussard. Take the green metro to Convention - although it looks a long way, its very quick . Have brunch at the cafe in the square - the energy breakfast was excellent - perfect scrammbled eggs, a tartine which confused the diners but turned out to be a long thin buttered roll, yoghurt and jam. A typical market was in full swing on a Tuesday morning. The bookshop is 5 minutes walk from the metro.

The Louvre

Its closed on Tuesdays !

L'Ange 20 Paris

Adjacent to the Pompadou centre at the edge of the Marais (8 Rue Geoffroy L'angevin +33140279367), the routedoctor is a little concerned about suggesting this restaurant... because, it is without question, the best he has encountered for the price. Use the metro Rambateau rather than Hotel de Ville. Booking is essential - a single room with a tiny kitchen situated behind a counter and around 15 seats. The staff - just three including chefs, are polite and helpful.

Dinner for 2 including wine came to around 60 euros ! The lamb was perfect , the creme caramel large.

If you stay in the centre of the city you'll have no problem finding a hotel that's close to the metro. The next question is where? Like in any big city, some neighbourhoods are better than others. I would highly recommend St Germain or the Marais, both really charming areas in Paris, central, easy to reach the big attractions plus near restaurants, cafes etc. And safe for females on their own. If you're looking for a really nice hotel experience, I'd recommend staying in a boutique-type hotel (rather than the big hotel chains). Caron de Beaumarchais hotel, for example, has room rates for around 170EURO very reasonable for Paris. I stayed there a few years ago perfect for a girlie holiday. . carondebeaumarchais. com/I'd shop around though, so you can see what you can get for your money. Here are some more hotels you might like to check out:. france-travel-secrets. com/paris-boutique-hotels. htmlPS when you ask for a room, make sure you get two single beds (rather than a double bed). Best of luck and have fun on your trip.

Tour bus

There are two options - green or red. The red bus (Lescarsrouges) follows one loop, the green four.
The red bus takes in the standard sites- I would suggest getting off at the Arc and paying the 9-50 to walk to the top. No queues and staggering views.
Prices Adult 27Euro Child under 16 15 Euros. They leave every 10 mins.


Gatsby 64 Av Bosquet 0145550279

An uber trendy bar/restaurant near the Eiffel Tower full of chic Parisians. The basserie/bar style menu is limted but reasonably priced and the area seemd full of locals rather than tourists.

Dos de saumon 16
cheeseburger 14
Rose 6
fruit juice 4-50

Summer 2015

Angelinas 226 Rue de Rivoli

An expensive but possibly the best cake / hot chocolate the well travelled author has experienced. The hot chocolate (Chocolat l'Africain 8 euros 20 ) has the consistency of custard and a pint would be a struggle.
Mont Blancs are the compulsory cake - 81 euros for 5 people.

L'ange 20 remains excellent value and although well visited by tourists, does still attract the French. Our neighbouring diner thought the chicken gizzards the best in France.

Head to the Experimental Cocktail Bar for some unusual drinks in what at first appears to be straight from the set of a 1930s film. Look for the brass plaque adjacent to the door and thge red velvet curtains.

Ulysse en Gaule

A Greek establishment 28 rue Cler. The crepe was nothing to write home about but the Papoutsaki (an egg plant type of moussaka) was reasonable - 12 euros.

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