The approach is based upon a registered user database and a trust in peoples judgment. The site does not conduct any financial transactions and is designed to be readily accessible. We require minimum registration information ; however we would encourage people to add their age, location and occupation. If you are looking to promote accommodation, restaurants etc. please add contact details We would encourage individuals to write concisely and objectively as the value of the site is in the written searchable submissions.

The concept is that the site will grow upon individuals finding as much useful travel information within it as balanced against the amount they contribute. The initial stages of growth have been funded by the founders but over time a small amount of peripheral advertising space may be made available. We do not intend to take commission on any bookings made via people's wiki pages. We will however enforce a robust editing format so as to maintain a good literary and reference quality. We encourage people to keep their formats plain and simple. Consistency in presentation will make articles easier to read.

An example being the person sitting in a cafe in Sardinia wondering where to go for dinner or arriving in town late one night in need of accommodation. emerged from the Arkle Bar at Cheltenham racecourse on a cold damp Friday in November. Our aim was to produce an easy reference guide for world travel, drawing on experience gained from good and not so good business trips and vacations. For instance; two days to kill in Munich, where can I find the best beer and sausages.

The information the editors have found most beneficial on their global travel is that gleaned from other travellers.

We have set some house rules which we feel will be beneficial to travellers and indeed hoteliers, restaurateurs etc :

1. Descriptions should be factual and objective - prices can be included but a date should be included in the text.

2. Please include age, country and occupation in your report.

3. Foul language or indeed scurrilous remarks will lead to editorial deletion.

4.The Editors decision on inclusion on the site is final and we accept no responsibility for negative comments made by travellers.